Sale of Dylan Song Catalog Means A Hard Rain of Ads is Gonna Come

Bob Dylan sold his entire catalog of more than 600 songs to Universal Music Publishing Group today, raising the prospect of a slew of new advertisements based on his songs.

Here are the first 25 campaigns to come down the pike:

“Forever Young” for Viagra

“Slow Train Comin” for Amtrak

Bob Dylan in 1980, photo by Jean-Luc via Flickr

“Lay, Lady, Lay” for Sealy Mattresses

“Like a Rolling Stone” for Kidney Doctors of America

“All Along the Watchtower” for ADT Home Security systems.

“Shelter from the Storm” for National Roofing and Aluminum Siding

“Rainy Day…

Michael Shapiro

Living just north of SF, I’m a freelance writer covering environment issues and the performing arts. I’m author of The Creative Spark and a bigtime Giants fan.

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